Well, let's try using the Navigator for a tow rig (again)-2015 Navigator


.......a few dollars more
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Well, I think I found a sweet spot to tow. Being a half ton rig with IRS, I think this thing is uber sensitive to tongue weight? I found a spot for the Jeep on the trailer that still had some tongue weight but was WAY lighter than I usually tow that worked really well.

Ecoboost engine is pretty sweet going up/down the canyons to Moab. The “tow/haul” mode is fairly impressive going down hills (probably more important than going up them?) downshifting at appropriate times (maybe slightly early?) as you decelerate down hills into corners and such. Once I got used to the vehicle, I found myself quite liking its characteristics. It does well with this 6000-6500 lb load


I did get 10.4 mpg down and back so it’s not fantastically efficient towing but definitely did the job. It honestly took about 300+ miles towing until I was truly comfortable/confident with the load and tow vehicle. I had to do a couple “panic” stops going out of Spanish Fork canyon. One to not hit a dog and another immediately after that where someone just decided to stop in the middle of the highway for fun about 2 minutes after the other “panic” stops.

Immediately after the picture above, I adjusted the weight distribution up a chain link and moved the rig back on the trailer two chain links. Made a LOT of difference.
I don't think you should be dissapointed with 10's. Or maybe I should....

My towing should be very comparable to yours, YJ based rig, 350, tons, etc. My tow rig is a 2015 CC LB Ram/Cummins. I do have a leveling kit and 35's. My milage down and back is 10, with or without camper. Now I can do that at any speed (and I'm usually a speed limit + 5 guy) and the truck is very in control of what it's towing, but it's a little discouraging to me. However, it's only 2 less than I was averaging in my 2001 and I'll take the trade-off in comfort and quiet.

All I all, I say you're towing experience is not too bad.