WERock Western Series Round 3 @ Donner Ski Ranch, July 7-8


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far enough away
I know a bunch of people may be out of town for the July 4th holiday, but if you're not.... WERock Western Round 3 is coming up next weekend outside of Reno at the awesome Donner Ski Ranch. Every year, this event has some bitchin' action, some of the craziest near-rolls and awesome driving on the circuit. And all against the backdrop of the granite mountains surrounding the area. If anyone wants to come, or especially come and judge, I've got 3 seats empty. Judges are always welcome. :D Get in touch if you're interested. :D :D

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Supporting Vendor
We have been running the Werock circuit for quite some time but this was our first time in Donner. It might possibly be my new favorite event second to Delta. Nate and I were able to come away with a 1st place win this weekend we put a 125 point lead over the second place guy and I cant wait until next year.