What about Bob

Ola!. Just signed up and in. My Intro:
Married damn near 40 years.
5 grown kids.
5 Grand kids.
couple dogs, some chickens, bees, rabbits, garden, fruit trees.

We don't drink or smoke. don't care if you do. Yes, we are members of "THE" church.
22 yr Retired Army. been around the world a couple times. I prefer peace, but I ain't afraid of violence.

now: Draftsman/Designer/Inspector for Civil Water systems.

Capabilities (Legal ones, we can talk about the others face to face): SOLIDWORKS, AUTODESK FUSION 360, MACHINIST, WELDER, FABRICATOR.

Like most old men, I have a lot of projects. I will horse trade with you for the stuff I have and want. i have a '69 fj40 that is soooo frickin close. id like to get it finished. lots of parts to trade. it ain't gotta be perfect. it's just gotta be.

The wife and I are looking for some trail families hang with.


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Welcome, my intro would be very similar. Married almost 42 years, 3 grown kids, 5 grandkids with their cat, dog, and chickens. I also love to garden and have a good batch of fruit trees. I also have way too many projects. As an engineering manager I deal a lot with mechanical folks that do what you do.


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I had an Uncle Bob. He was a Vietnam Vet who lived in a cabin up Immigration Canyon for years with no electricity and running water. He would come to Lake Powell with us and take off at night with either a 5th or a baggie and return the next morning with artifacts he would find.

He had an old Honda 750four that was chopped and had an American flag mounted to the sissy bar. Later in life he would attach two oxygen tanks to the sissy bar and ride as far as the first tank would take him and then return on the second tank.

Claimed he was up hunting above his cabin and walked up to a UFO and they let him in for a week or so. We just figured it was some good drugs. Is that a Bob name thing or just "my" Uncle Bob? He found a good woman and God in his middle 70's and 6 months later died of a heart attack. Guess he had it all figured out.