What did you work on Today; Home Edition


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I forgot to update the progress on my project. My part is fully finished now. Just waiting for the electrician to get over here and wire lights and outlets. For now the lift has ran off the 220v generator just fine. If I ever stop fuming from the lift install I’ll give you my thoughts on Atlas Lifts in the other thread. Anyways, it lifts the heaviest thing I think we'd ever want to lift, so that's great. The forklift weighs in at just under 11000 pounds according to its chart. Forklifts like this one are a pain to get under to service so this will come in quite handy. Come to think of it, who services their forklifts anyways?!?!?



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I realized I never posted the final iteration of the small corner desk project to fill stupid useless space.

It's not organized and pretty yet. But all the woodwork and mounting is complete.

Turned out better than I was expecting and leaves just enough room for the garage door. Which we'll be filling that empty wall with calendar/meal planning boards.81F35938-F476-46D0-BB84-DB290CDA04DD.jpeg


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Yesterday I had the day off, so I figured it was a good time to spend working on the bathroom remodel that has been going for a few months now. between my dad passing, my family buying a new house in Bear Lake, working full time and having kids, this was a project that was going to be tough to get to....it was going to require a full day.

When I framed the exterior wall for insulation it put the toilet only 11.5" from the wall. I couldn't leave it since my shoulder hits the wall if I sit...plus it gives no place to store a brush or plunger.

Started by borrowing a saw to cut the concrete. Began that fun task adding water as I cut. Then I ran to Home Depot to rent a 20lb demo hammer.

Getting the concrete wasn't 5oo bad but the dust is EVERYWHERE. After I got it out I rerouted the line over. It is now 15.5" from the wall, so within code.

Then I took the demo hammer to the old shower drain. No real good way to get the floor retiled and ensure the weepholes aren't clogged...so out it will come. Don't mind the framing of the bench around the vent. Those are just nailers on the right side....some scrap I had. I still need to add a few more nailers and the 2x6 blocking along the shower wall for the pan..but otherwise feaming is done and I can begin drywall/concrete board

I am now down a bathroom until I finish so this also puts the pressure on.


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