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Today I started out planning to put the front end parts back on my S10. I replaced all the steering parts, and still needed to tighten down all the castle nuts and put the cotter pins in. Things didn't go as planned... Inner tie rods (7/16-20) castle nuts are too short. By the time you tighten them down the hole for the pin is at the end of the nut. I'm thinking a washer/spacer will solve this problem. Outer tie rods are more of a problem. The nuts for them (M12-1.25) are too tall. So I wandered all over town trying to find shorter castle nuts. No dice... So now I'm searching the web for them, which isn't working well. I may just grind them shorter and make them work. The short nut needs to be tall and the tall nut needs to be short. Very frustrating..

So tonight I decided to install my light bar on my KJ. Since the bumper backer? part is all busted up and my bumper skin is just there.. I decided I needed something to add some support under the bumper cover. I settled on a piece of 1x1 aluminum angle. In order to do this I had to pull the bumper cover. Luckily this is simple on the KJ. After I got done I realized I should have taken more pictures. But it was dark and I'm sure they wouldn't have come out as well. It's a 32" curved bar. I'll add some 4" lights on top near my roof basket another day.


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I ended up having to rewire the entire upstairs unit on the new duplex I bought. The wiring ended up being a bad mixture if knob & tube, tar soaked cloth, aluminium and Romex. I moved the panel as well. There were a few runs I had to junction in the old panel...but only those I couldn't easily run in the attic. Finally finished it yesterday after 4 weeks of nights and weekends. I only had to cut 1) 6" x 36" piece of wall out...and the cut for the new panel....otherwise I fished and ran wire in the lath &plaster walls.

Pic of new panel location. The attic pic is the tats nest of wires I had to fix. They had jumpers for the knob & tube just wire nutted and covered with insulation. Or even worse...a few junctions were uncovered and only electrical taped together. It was a disaster.


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Finally got this thing extracted. 200hp/220ft/lbs out of a three liter all aluminum V6, in 1991.
Planning on putting this into a two door Volvo, and making a grand touring style ride out of it. If I can get my wife to stop spending every damn penny that comes in.
Bonus in the background is my 1971 F250, and the Mercedes OM617 and door for my Courier


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The other half of the garage has been tiled for over a year now and is awesome. Everything washes off. No hot tire pick up to to worry about. I’ve dropped some heavy items on it and would have sworn it would be damage but not a mark. I’m sitting at about $4 a sq foot in materials with Ditra and epoxy grout.