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While adding a 4:1 kit to a Dana 300 in a new Ironman portal buggy the new shift rail that comes with the 4:1 kit is obviously factory style shifter connection and obviously we leave nothing unmodified. So I took a stock shift rail attachment and made it male 3/8x24 threads



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.... and NO photos of ANY of that?!
Yeah, not sure what's going on. But the add photo link is just Gray and dead on my computer and my phone. I'm sure i've got some settings jacked up so i'm working through it today. There is a build thread:



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Nieces new to her car kept randomly dying and running rough, thought it sounded like fuel pump issue and also said it may be plugs if they haven't been changed recently.
Don't think the pump is the issue after hearing it but plugs were.

Odd thing was 1 3 5 had no electrode left

2 4 6 had no tips on it


Plus an oil change, still needs some maintenance but running much better with new plugs.
I have never seen plugs this bad 22600 miles and apparently the previous owner was not big on maintenance.


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Started on the exhaust brake installation on my 2006 Cummins. I used this project as an excuse to replace the hood support struts that haven't worked for a couple years.


Then I removed the stock post-turbo elbow and installed Banks replacement with actuator.


Moved up to the engine compartment and installed the solenoid and started on the vacuum pump. Stalled out there pending rental of the belt tension tool.


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I finished the installation of the Banks exhaust brake on my 2006 Ram today. Installed the vacuum pump and fan belt (not shown).

I expected the fan belt to be the most difficult part, but it wasn't too bad. The installation of the switch was a pain! I wanted it on the dash up near the instrument cluster rather than down on the knee panel like Banks recommends. Seems ripe for breakage rhere. That required disassembly of the dash, which would have been much easier with smaller hands, more elbows, and removable eyes to see right spaces. I pulled the cup holders and console out first, and found the previous owner's iPod.

I almost stopped and ordered a new stereo since I was that close.

But I really wanted this job done, so I pressed on. Now that I know how to disassemble the dash, I can get to the radio fairly easily. Finished the wiring and buttoned everything up for the test start. Took a little longer to start than usual (maybe because the PCM had to be unplugged to wire up the brake controls), but when it fired up with the brake on, everything worked as expected. The brake activated immediately to speed engine warm-up on a cold start. Lighted switch in the lower right indicates brake activation.