General Tech What did you work on Today?


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Richfield Utah
Ripped out my Titans problem prone exhaust manifolds and b pipes and installed a set of jba headers and made my own b pipes. Definitely need a muffler, it's high school redneck glass pack 80s Chev obnoxiously noisy

Used an uprev tuner with custom tune to delete it all. Currently waiting on one o2 sensor to show which I'm figuring it either got burnt or something from the bad cats, or it got damaged some way when I pulled it out. Either way it's brand new, 3000 miles, pretty annoyed





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My posts are old, because I don't have access to my photo hosting site at home, only on PC, so this is from this weekend. Hauled my buddies samurai to his house so he can finish wiring up his microsquirt in his 1.3 dual cam turbo engine. Then I installed my trans tunnel cover, fixed my power steering, again, and then ran over to lowrange to try out the RTI ramp again. I don't think it does too bad for a samurai!



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West Haven
Yesterday I picked up up a new toy. I got it set up in my garage and got the power drawbar working. I'm waiting for a bunch of tooling to show up so I can make some stuff.

I was a machinist for 7 years and miss having access to machines for working on projects.
Congrats. Enjoy the new to you toy.

I can't wait to get caught up in my shop so I can get back to doing more machining. I really enjoy it.



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I built a receiver hitch for my SXS. I just used scrap metal that I had laying around. Now I can pull my Carlventure trailer around my property.