General Tech What did you work on Today?


Edd China of Dirtbikes
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The project that started as a few sheets of plywood and a few 2x4's is FINALLY done!

I built these floating shelves for my in-law's new house. This was a fun project, but I'm glad it is done.

On to other projects now...

The pile of materials.
View attachment 121860

All cut up.
View attachment 121861

The frames built.
View attachment 121866

Gluing up the shelves.
View attachment 121862

View attachment 121869

Staining the shelves.
View attachment 121863

View attachment 121865

Hanging the frames.
View attachment 121868

View attachment 121867

And finally, the finished product!
View attachment 121864

Did anyone else think this looked like The arcade version of Donkey Kong at first glance?


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When you're an overlawner... Days are getting shorter but the lawn still needs to be cut.


Ironically, 10 minutes into mowing the drive belt disintegrated. I replaced the deck belt today but the new one must have been a little too tight and took out the drive belt.

I'll pick up a drive belt and take it all apart again this week.