What do I get for the next bike?


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I was thinking a newer 450. I can plate it if I want and get a rekluse.

I want something that can do it all.
These crazy desert races.
MX track.
Or do I get a enduro? Like a 450x or WR?
I'm not into wrestling a big pig of a bike though.
Grant's 525 was no fun in the sand when I rode it.
Or do I go with a smoker with a wide range?

I'd like to stay under $3k but I might could swing $4k if it was plated and had a rekluse already.
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The only perfect bike is the one coming together in my garage... If you want to do all those things with one bike a 450 is the only choice IMO


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2smoker with a wide trani and light kit!!!


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Love my 07 RMZ450. If you're ever out at Jordan River once it warms up I'll gladly let you take it for a spin. I started out on a KX250F and I'm amazed at how similar the Zuk feels to that bike. It's obviously heavier but it carries its weight really well. Handling can't be beat either.

Just throwing this out there, my dad got a killer deal on an 09 YZ450F and with a heavy heart will be selling his 05. It's a way solid bike. PM me if interested.



once you have a rekluse, you will wish you had fuel injection, If Im spending $4000, Im spending 8000 and wearing it out. bikes and snowmobiles change so fast, after about three years they are obsolete relative to the new ones. the new ones are so easy to ride especially once you get them set up.


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Grant's 525 was no fun in the sand when I rode it.
This is true, it tends to sink a lot. Although I did realize I had the tires at 20 psi all weekend, that probably didn't help.

I'm think about a KTM 300 because I've heard so many good things about them. The limited fuel range could be an issue though, probably not the bike for long trips


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Greg has a desert tank on his. He can go about 70 miles. Not the 110 that my 4t can go but still decent. I bet a race like last weekend burns your gas up pretty fast though.

Did you have to refuel Paul?