What do I get for the next bike?


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2.1-2.14 mm squish. Lots. I'm told I can go down to 1.3 mm safely on pump gas.


That's with a 0.5 mm base gasket
I'm basically flush with the exhaust and transfer ports at BDC.

Do I swap to a 0.2 mm base gasket (which only nets me 1.8mm squish),(0.3mm gain) or get an
Aftermarket / milled head?


Ant Anstead of Dirtbikes
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I ran it. It worked amazing and the bike has better power than ever. It's super snappy and feels great with the jetting change.

I'd still like to experiment with a better shaped head for improved gas mileage and hopefully some power- then I could gear up and have some longer gear ratios and pull a higher top speed or just motor in a higher gear up hills.

I was a little nervous because I changed to a fatter idle jet (up from 25 to 30 maybe?), blue needle (richer) and found the lower rad crossover hose was cracked so I had to replace it. A new chain and totally rebuilt my forks from ruining them at Rhino with new SFK seals, dust seals and mud scrapers. Expensive compared to regular stuff, but they are the best.


Ant Anstead of Dirtbikes
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Tire report. Shinko 505 cheater.
Great on singletrack and rocks and in the wet. Like amazing. Super sticky compound flexes and sticks do technical terrain amazingly well.
Terrible in muddy clay. Because the edges round off just like a rock crawling sticky and the tread blocks are closer together.
Just ok in sand for the same reasons.
The price is incredible though. It wouldn't hurt my feelings to change these every 20 hrs.
Decent life (I got about 25), but if you spin it a lot on hardpack- say goodbye.

I've got a Shinko 525 cheater in the garage to replace it. I went to a 120 vs a 110 so it's got a more square profile too. Supposedly it's a little firmer compound and has got a little taller and more squared off tread blocksbwith more tread spacing. Should be just what I want.

I'd like to try a IRC VE33s also. I've had great luck with the VE35 fronts in the past.