Wheelin/Trail Goals for 2021


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My goal is to be able to hit trails in 2021.😬
2020 was a "Jeep is dead" year...
I do want to spend a lot of time out by the pony express/west desert now that my wife and I are moving to Eagle Mountain come April.


Scope Creep
I'd love to run Hole in the Rock again. The Rubicon, too.

Trails I don't have a rig for (yet), but would like to plan RME trips to are Hanging Tree, 21 Road and Billings, etc.

I really need to spend time in Sand Hollow as well too, run the Barracks trail.

Far as Moab, Behind the Rocks, Moab Rim, Cliffhanger and the Pickle are on my radar.


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Its not bad as far as difficulty, but its LONG and fairly rough. It will test your vehicle and find the weak points. HITR is usually done over 3 days, so that's a lot of wheelin.
How many miles is it? I'd like to do it someday. Sounds like a good opportunity for a speed run :grimacing:


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HITR is 30+ miles in, 30+ miles out. 30 of the 60 miles are rough with several miles of fairly technical wheeling (rated 5 or 6 likely). It is a great trail, but long and rough on equipment.

I came across a few vehicles on 33's on the trail. There are a few spots that would be difficult on 31's with a long wheelbase, but doable with rock stacking and a good driver. We did it in 2020 over 4 days. 4 days was about right to me.