Who's an expert on 4L60E's?

Need some help here. I swapped a drive by wire 5.3 with a 4L60E in to my YJ.... It runs and drives well under half throttle. If you give it much more than that it will hold on to the gear to about 5k RPMs and then you get a very slow, hesitant shift. If you just give it just easy throttle it shifts absolutely normal and at typical rpms.

Any ideas?


I don't know them well enough to diagnose issues....

What are you using to control the trans, factory ECU?


when in doubt, upgrade!
So Jordan, Utah
I am with Greg, slush boxes are awesome but if low fluid isn't the problem, I am not much help.

I would stop by a tranny shop and find out what kind of beverage they drink and make arrangements to bring your rig by to get plugged in...(with a Large amount of said beverage in the passenger seat. :D)

the non specific problems you mention point me to a computer "opportunity"