Official Will An Off-Road Trailer Work For Me? The Off-Road Trailer Conundrum


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I'm going to try and add a lid to mine that I'll be able to remove by myself. Hopefully I can make it tight enough that it'll keep the goo out but we'll see.


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I'm going to try and add a lid to mine that I'll be able to remove by myself. Hopefully I can make it tight enough that it'll keep the goo out but we'll see.
I don't have a great picture, but on mine for scout camp I used pipe insulation and a piece of plywood. I wrapped the insulation around the edges of the trailer, placed the cut-to-size plywood on top, then secured with 4 ratchet straps, two front-to-back and two side-to-side. Kept out dust and then kept out all the rain we had. Cost me about $25 in total. Plan to stain it to match and figure out a better attachment system. For what it was though, day before leaving, I was pleased.


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Dry bags from Sea to Summit are awesome for keeping out Dust/Water. Not sure how they would fit what you need them for here but for clothes and soft gear they are great.


The only place that I had an issue hauling my (teardrop) trailer.
Was Bryce Canyon. The lady at the entrance station (who takes her fed job way too seriously) procedes to tell me if im longer than 25ft , I need to disconnect and leave it in one of 2 parking lots.

Couldn't find a spot available. So I said F---it and went on. Later on up the canyon there was a sign. It said no trailers beyond this point.
Still kept going and never got looked at by the rangers.

This has me wondering how this 25ft is measured.???
Bumper to bumper or axle.?


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This is a thread that needs some updating! Good info thus far, but a lot has changed in the trailer world in the last 5 years...

We recently sold the Class C RV and the Motorcycles and the 4Runner, lol, and are re-directing our recreational activities. We bought a Jeep, and are working on figuring out just how to do the more remote/simple camping that we enjoy the most. I put the cart waaaaay before the horse and scooped up an "off-road" popup camper BEFORE we got the Jeep........bone head move. I knew the weight limitations of the Jeep, but plunged head first into a now the popup is for sale, and we are going to slowly research the next choice.

I'm doubtful that I'll pull a trailer on really challenging terrain. We anticipate pulling out there and setting a base camp, and then meandering around from that base. There is plenty of "overland" type travel that can also be done without getting toooo over my head with the trailer.

I've been scouring various sites and searches and am partial to some of the more rugged teardrops that are out there. The Mrs. is happy to come along, but she's "not sleeping on the ground". Also, I (at this point) have no interest in a RTT either on the Jeep or on a trailer.

So, share some updates and some experiences will ya?


I have a MIG trailer and I love it. it's HUGE inside for what it is, and very sturdy. They stopped making them for a few years but I believe they are in the process of re-starting their manufacturing. My wife likes it because you walk into it, can put a kitchen inside if you want, can pack all of your stuff either inside it or on top for transport, and the Jeep pulls it without issues. We got a bunk cot and have it all set up so my family of 5 easily fits inside for sleeping. If you want to see pics of how we've used ours, let me know.