Wings on the Discovery Channel


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When I was a kid, and we first got cable TV I wasn't so much interested in the latest cartoon on Nickelodeon or the Disney Channel, I found a show called Wings on the Discovery Channel. I watched it religiously every night it was on. A few days ago I was reading an article about the air intakes on the F-111 Aardvark, (because that's what you do while you are running BIOS updates on servers) and that article had the F-111 Wings episode embedded in it. Man, the music and the narrator took me back! So I went and found a YouTube Channel that has ALL the Wings and Great Planes episodes. I figured that there are some other aircraft nerds here on RME that might appreciate them, so here it is:



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Sweet. I'm always up for aviation goodness. If you haven't, you ought to read or listen to Skunk Works by Ben Rich. Very cool to learn about the engineering and testing of some amazing planes in our history. The Skunk Works podcast is great as well.