Wonderful Day! Roe vs. Wade Overturned


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Millcreek, UT
My take would be he resigned because the results weren't going to please his supervisor. We're just going to have a different opinion on this, but whether you can admit it or not, the minority rules now in Utah. That's just easy math.

Last I'll say on this... Trump is probably right. Roe is a hornets nest that is directly over the head of the republican party. It's going to sway more moderate people left than the other way, and there are likely more conservative pro-choice voters than liberal pro-life voters. It's going to be an interesting couple of years.
Trump got over 58% of the vote in Utah in 2020, to Joe's 37+%. That's after 4+ years of the constant leftist smear campaign from the majority of the mainstream media and the so-called entertainment industry. So what minority are you referring to? LDS? As 'UNSTUCK' said, there are lots of people who don't identify as LDS (Like me), who still vote for less government intrusion in our lives.

I'm actually a Libertarian. I want Government out of my life as much as possible. This ruling is simply the Supreme Court acknowledging that this is not an issue for the Federal Government to decide. They opted to follow the Constitution, and leave it up to the States. People can still get abortions in States that allow it.

I mostly just like to point out hypocrisy. Take French President Macron: He's being critical of our Supreme Court and this ruling, when his own country has more strict abortion laws than the State that influenced this decision. Just another hypocrite.

Or how about Trudeau: He's saying his country is for women having the right to make decisions about their own body. So come on up and get your abortion in Canada, because no Government has a right to tell people what they can do with their own body. Just make sure you have your mandatory vaccinations...
I am personally opposed to abortion, but I believe most things should be left to individuals to decide and, as difficult as it is with an issue this important, this is one of them. If I can conceive of a crazy situation where I would want my wife to abort a fetus, then I don't want some politician defining the criteria. Overturning Roe was the right thing to do because it was a weak argument made by partisan judges in the first place and has no basis in the constitution. If folks on either side want a national ban or universal right of abortion, there is a proper way to accomplish that. I am of the general opinion that when governments intrude into our lives, they get it wrong as much as right and the cure is often worse than the disease.