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I mean, it's not mine. Did you really think I'd drive something so boring and generic as a Ford. :D

Neighbor works for a Ford dealer and brought it home for the weekend. Poked around it quite a bit, took it for a spin around the block. Not bad. Trying to convince him to take it up AFC or out to 5-Mile tomorrow. Will report back if that happens.
My wife seems to think that a Bronco will be her next vehicle, which throws a wrench in me getting a new D110 in a couple years...
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Added just a little spice to our lives yesterday. My 12-year old daughter and I pickled 9 half-pints of jalapenos and 4 pints of homemade salsa. View attachment 140326
You just made my mouth water....

We actually have jalapenos growing like mad, and they are actually quite on the hot side. Any good tips/recipes for pickling them? Salsa/tomato juice is our usual late summer/early fall go to. :cool: