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'69 ChargerIMG_20220618_124503_01.jpg

'68 or '69 GTX (both Mopars were VERY nice paint work)
'68 Fire Chicken

'65 GTO (I've always liked those. Super simple car, strong motor)


Truck to fit the latest theme of RME. Super clean C20


The '53 Suburban Carry All is a really cool truck to me. My paternal grandmother had severe depression that drove my paternal grandfather to be an alcoholic. They are both super cool folks but you can see how those things affected their lives. Jewel is my grandmother's sister. Ted Hepworth is her husband. Ted was/is a WAY cool guy. Had a HELL of a time raising kids. Patched things up with all of them before he passed (at least as much as could be done). Treated Jewel like a man should treat his wife. Always escorting her arm in arm and such. Very gentlemanly towards her (and everyone I saw him interact with).
Ted was a true hot rodder. That Suburban has a swapped in GMC V6 350 (yes, V6 350). Super heavy flywheel (105 lbs or something is what I remember him saying) by design. He restored a lot of cars over the years in his his backyard garage. It was good to see the Suburban out at the show today.

Ted and Jewel Hepworth are very gracious peeps. I loved all my interactions with them

I also saw a GoatWagon and a purple pickup but I'll let Gif talk about those


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My wife's birthday is coming right up ( its a decade one... she'll be turning 30). Is that available to rent?

30? That doesn’t seem right..

But you can totally borrow it. I didn’t buy the correct base for it, and just used 2 carpet fans I have.. but it worked great.


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I also saw a GoatWagon and a purple pickup but I'll let Gif talk about those
Just took a break from truck stuff, Susan (Cousin Scott's wife) drove the Scott Rod to the show, first time she's taken it to any show, she seemed to enjoy it.
Albert and my brother also brought "The Goat Wagon" out since they have never done that show.


The Goat Wagon stopped and picked up a lowrider award, they struggled to not give it the show and shine award. Good times.