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Hey! $500 for a good running cheapO car I will take it! If we were talking about 2010 and older Hyundais/Kias, I would agree with you. They have upped their game immensely since then.
Cool. I'm just not into it


But stuck more often.
This is Burb. He’s got a hurt wing. He’s been helping me work for the last week or so. Gets a little closer to me each day. He loves it when I turn the hose on. He comes running and helps himself to a drink. Can’t believe the cats or coyotes around here haven't gotten him yet.



But stuck more often.
Alivia’s first time welding. I was surprised how quickly she picked it up. She tends to pull away from the weld as she moves along. I kept yelling at her to get closer, slow down, and breath. 😂
I would love for her to have an interest in welding. She’s a senior next year with better than a 4.0 throughout high school and yet she doesn’t have much interest in going to college. I’d rather my kids learn a trade then get a degree anyways.



Aloha’n MF
SaSa Sandy
Not really a pic, buuuuut…. Happy America day to me

Although....... maybe I shouldn't be happy that my truck was built on a Friday before a long holiday weekend when thoughts of crappy beer and fireworks were likely on the minds of the workers.

Then allegedly shipped on said holiday and picked up but a salty driver because he's working on the 4th.
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