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I took the day off from working in the shop to go play Saturday. It was our local Jeep club’s monthly run and the weather was supposed to be nice. I haven done much with the local club this year so I decided to go and meet some of the new members that I haven’t had the opportunity to meet yet as we had a lot of new members join over the past 6-months.

Lined up at the meeting location. I volunteered to tail gun.

Airing down at the trail head. We had a total of 17 vehicles on the run.




I didn’t get any pictures throughout the day as I was mostly recording using the video camera. Of course no one got me doing any of the obstacles. :(

About 7 of us broke off after the run was winding down and also ran Sidewinder. This was the first time for me as I have never run that particular trail before.



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Last week I wrapped up on the coach so this weekend consisted of a major service on the Jeep and a minor repair.

In December I had the Chrysler click going on under the dash. I replaced the recirculation door actuator and then ended up replacing it with an OEM Mopar part as the aftermarket one wouldn’t calibrate. Then several weeks later my HVAC module started having memory issues where it would lose the positioning of the actuator motors and have to recalibrate with each ignition cycle. The HVAC module was on national backorder but it finally arrived a couple of weeks ago.

Friday night I made time to replace the HVAC module as well as installed my Bestop Sunrider for the season.

Next pulled the driver’s side and center upper dash apart.

Pulled the lower center dash panel out.

Unplugged the connectors.

Prepared to swap out the HVAC module by removing the old one.


New module installed in panel and set aside.

I noticed a couple of places where the outer dash panel and inner dash panel had become disbonded so I thought I’d address those while I had everything apart.

Clamps placed to hold the panels together.

Re-melted the areas back together.

The trick is to melt the back side but not get it so hot to melt or deform the face of the dash.

Back together.

Vector Off Road dash bar reinstalled.

I then installed the Sunrider softop before closing up for the night.

Saturday morning I started by measuring tread depth on my tires before taking them and having them rebalanced.

These Nitto Ridge Grapplers seem to be wearing quite well. I have 33k driven miles on them and another approx. 8k miles of being flat towed and they still have quite a bit of tread left, especially for being 37” tires and somewhat of an aggressive tread design on a 6k pound vehicle.

Tread depth varied between 19/64” and 21/64” across all five.




More to follow:
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Continuing on:

Fluids and filters at the ready for the remainder of the major service. Engine oil & filter, transmission filter & fluid, transfer case fluid and axle gear oils all ready to be replaced in preparation for the season’s RV’ing and Jeeping.

I commenced by moving on to draining the differentials and checking wear patterns and backlash.


Beautiful looking wear patterns in both. This is the front differential.


Cover ready for reinstallation.

Surface prepped and ready for cover.

While differential fluids were draining I went through the suspension and checked fasteners as well as all of my welds. With oversized tires and the rigors of off-road travel keeping an eye out on suspension components is critical.

One area I’ve seen a lot of failures lately has been in the OEM track bar mounts. I’ve fixed about four just in the past six months alone for people. Where my track bar mount is also where my hydraulic assist steering ram mounts I pay particular attention. I replaced the Dynatrac heavy duty bracket with even a more stout bracket a couple of years ago to avoid such failures but I still check it regularly.

Next item was transmission service. I started by removing the transmission crossmember.


That made transmission pan removal much easier.

Filter removed and replaced.

Pan and bolts cleaned and reassembled.

Overall the differential fluids as well as the transmission fluid looked really good and I’m pleased with the way the GM powertrain is performing.

I prefer to debadge my vehicles and am quite selective on the stickers I do place on my vehicles, which are few. On my truck I only have a small Harley Davidson bar & shield on the rear window and on the Jeep I have my LS badge on either side of the cowl along with our local and national Jeep club stickers. On the rear glass I have a bar & shield along with a Moab and Ouray sticker.

One sticker I’ve liked to have on my Jeeps were of the coaches we owned. We had a Beaver decal in our last two Jeeps and a Monaco decal in our last Jeep when we purchased this coach. However, I’ve been unable to buy new OEM decals as they have no longer been available from Monaco. A friend of mine sent me a link to a decal company that has them so I ended up purchasing a couple for my rear quarter glasses.


They’re not the thick chrome emblem style that Monaco used to sell but they seem to be a decent quality sticker and the brushed finish looks good on the dark glass.


Thanks for looking.



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The wife and I took off last week on a shake down run after all of the work I’ve done on the coach this spring. The Jeep was also itching to get off road after her major service was performed.

We’ve never wheeled in the San Rafael Swell area so we spent about 5 days exploring the area.

Overall a GREAT trip. The wife and I had a blast, met some new friends in the campground and everything ran exceptional. The coach ran perfect with no issues, no air leaks nor fuel issues after having several systems opened up over the past 4-5 weeks.

The Jeep just lumbered along the trails and does everything with grace and style. The weather was perfect and as we dropped down into many of the canyons we flipped the top back and just enjoyed the scenery of the large canyon walls and narrow washes that we drove down. Not sure if I would have dropped down into a few of those if the weather was threatening rain as they were quite narrow and nowhere to go in the event of a flash flood. Black Dragon Canyon was barely wide enough for the Jeep in several places and the walls were at least a couple of hundred feet straight up. We saw about 5 different areas that had very vibrant and detailed pictograph panels throughout our several days exploring the area and we made a lot of tracks on our Gaia mapping system for future reference.

Here are some pictures of our trip.















More pictures to follow:


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The wife and I took off last week for a quick trip down to Capitol Reef NP. We stayed at a nice little RV park in Torrey, UT.

We met a few people in the campground and talked RV’s and Jeeps around the fire a couple of nights and a lot of off-road exploring during the days.



Just before heading down the switchbacks on the Burr Trail.

Looking down the switchbacks into the valley below as the road heads towards Notom.


At the top of the canyon wall on the Cathedral Valley Drive.


As we were heading home yesterday the sky just kept getting darker and darker. I was hoping to be able to get the coach washed before parking it but I thought if we could just get home and get everything parked I can pull it out of the shop and wash it during the week.

Just as we pulled up in front of our home I was unhooking the Jeep when it started to sprinkle a bury. By the time we backed the coach into the shop it turned to hail and then a torrential downpour. The wife and I stood and watched it rain for a while.


Thanks for looking.

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Thanks. Yes, it is one of ours as well. Plus the off-road scenery is great, although nothing technical.

It is "usually" not as crowded as other National Parks which is another reason we like it. Although this year was an exception as it was chaotic inside the park.



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Thanks. Yes, it is one of ours as well. Plus the off-road scenery is great, although nothing technical.

It is "usually" not as crowded as other National Parks which is another reason we like it. Although this year was an exception as it was chaotic inside the park.

Seems everywhere outside is chaotic since the pandemic hit.


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Wednesday afternoon after arriving home from work I decided to pull the coach out of the shop and give it a bath as it was a torrential downpour when the wife and I arrived home from vacation on Sunday.


Last night I figured I would mount my new GMRS radio in the Jeep. Our national Jeep club has changed the bylaws and adopted GMRS radios as the new means for communicating at club runs, rallies and gatherings. Most of our friends have just removed their CB's and installed their new GMRS radios in their place. I have opted not to do that however, as I am keeping the CB in the Jeep and adding the GMRS. Our local Jeep club still uses CB's and I have run into a lot of situations where we meet someone in the campground or at the trailhead that has asked to join us and most have CB's rather than GMRS radios so I will have both.

I purchased a Midland MXT115 micromobile radio, a 6db NMO antenna with antenna cable as well as a set of handhelds. I think the handhelds will come in useful for spotting and we got a club discount so I purchased all at once.

I really didn't want to add another item to the interior of the Jeep but luckily the GMRS radio I purchased is quite small and compact so it doesn't take up much room at all. When the wife and I were wheeling in San Rafael Swell a few weeks ago I made a cardboard box the size of the radio I was looking to purchase and moved it around to find a location that would allow easy access yet not be in the way for either one of us. I found that on the right side of the tunnel between the dash and front of the passenger's seat my wife's left leg never encroached into the area so this is as good of spot as any.


I planned on tucking the wiring up underneath the center console but didn’t want to see the red and black wiring in that couple of inches. I removed the pins from the connector and out some abrasion coating and heat shrink over the wires.

That looks much better.

Radio installed along with a mic mount that slides under the passenger grab bar. Makes for a clean installation.

With my navigation tablet attached to my dash bar the mic will be easily reached just to the side and slightly behind the tablet.

Handheld units with padded protective case and charger.


All that is remaining is to fabricate an antenna mount on my spare tire carrier and run the cable under the carpeting forward to the radio.

Thanks for looking.