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    • jsudar
      jsudar replied to the thread Any Mtn Bikers on RME?.
      That’s a pretty sweet ride. Especially at that sale price. Lucky kid. I have all the parts— carbon fork, already built custom wheels...
    • jsudar
      jsudar replied to the thread Any Mtn Bikers on RME?.
      My nine year old had a really nice custom 20 incher that I built for her a couple years back. Then she had a growth spurt and it didn’t...
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    • jsudar
      Got the other pocket milled out and the set screw holes drilled and tapped. Trans is located and mounted. Still need to countersink...
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    • jsudar
      Finished the rest of the slots of the suspension arms. Still need to drill and tap a few set screw holes to retain the repurposed 1/8...
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    • jsudar
      jsudar replied to the thread Hulse-ish RC Crawler.
      Baby crawlers FTW!! I’m glad this place is alive again! Building one from aluminum has crossed my mind… but after seeing the damage my...
    • jsudar
      Really? I heard they tore it down and destroyed their fancy CV axles so none of the other kids could play with them. Interwebs rumors…...
    • jsudar
      I read somewhere Walker said the Rock Spider worked excellent on 9 out of 10 obstacles. However, on the tenth obstacle it was so bad...
    • jsudar
      Got a set of four of these Motoworx beadlock wheels on eBay. Two of them have broken off M2 screws in them. Sadness. Why they used...
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    • jsudar
      This is the main chassis plate. Most everything will attach to it. Started life as a 300 gram chunk of 3/8” aluminum bar. Hopefully it...
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    • jsudar
      Many of you will remember Walker Evans’ IFS/IRS Rock Spider S10 buggy. It was built around 2003. It was short lived— I don’t know if he...
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    • jsudar
      jsudar replied to the thread A tale of two (Ducati) Monsters.
      Through some clever plumbing and machining a special nipple I was able to get the fuel tank and pump from my 2002 Monster to work with...
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