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    Trade for a boat?

    Great looking truck. What are the plans for it?
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    Redhead Steering Gear Box Shameless plug

    I've had a redhead box in my 2002 F350 for 10 years now - still nice and tight
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    Here we go... 1969/70 Chevy C10/K20 projects

    There is a 1970 Chevy for sale on KSL that reminded me of this thread:
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    Lighten the mood

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    1985 CJ 7 / LS

    I think we need more specs and pictures to properly help you...
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    Which 40 is good these days?

    What is the problem with Patagonias?
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    Street-legal buggys - It Passed!

    An update to help this thread have pertinent info. Hickey was spot on with getting the inspection done. I got that knocked out Friday. The shop did the standard OHV safety inspection and provided me the form. Went back to DMV this morning and told them that I wanted a street-legal OHV...
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    Can someone suggest a gun shop near SLC?

    Impact guns have been good to me. With stocks taking a big hit, hard property like guns are probably a good investment
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    Honda CR80 project!

    Cool project - looks like it will be very nice when done!
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    Street-legal buggys - It Passed!

    I'll go back to the DMV to see if I can fix this.
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    Street-legal buggys - It Passed!

    Bumping the thread since I've been messaging Shane so that I can register my TJ as an OHV (I appreciate his help). The reason to register it as an OHV is that the TJ is rarely driven on the street and never at highway speeds. It is closer to a buggy than a street jeep. Last year it was driven...
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    Catalytic converter theft prevention

    With the costs of everything sky-rocketing, I think we can expect to see more of this kind of stuff
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    Your Pic of The Day

    I saw that guy flying around yesterday before the weather blew in. Good pic
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    Honda CR80 project!

    2-stroke 80s are really fun bikes to ride, we used to have a YZ80 as a pit bike, way back when I would race every weekend
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    Random picture thread

    At a recent Mecum auction: