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    Diesel repair shops

    I did it because it's the truth. I haven't had to have anything fixed. If you feel that its offending you, maybe you should fill out a butthurt form. My Ford became a pile of crap, no amount of smart money would fix it. I'll comment about it all day long if you want to hear about the...
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    Diesel repair shops

    It's the first time in my life I have owned a brand new truck. Man people really get butt hurt when a guy has worked really hard to be able to buy a new truck and fix it up to what he's always wanted. It'll be paid off in 5 years. I don't even owe any money on the parts I put on it. Bumpers...
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    Diesel repair shops

    Bakers Diesel injection (OGDEN) treated me really good when I had a Ford Powerstroke 6.0L. They did a bunch of stuff to finish up stuff I couldn't on it. Only cost me $250. Since owning a cummins, I haven't been in a repair shop except for tires and oil changes.
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    Real Time Position Tracking While on the Trail

    If you have cell service, and an apple device you can share your position with your friends if you want to. I've done it a few times when my buddy and I were driving around in the UK in separate vehicles and got lost. Worked pretty good within about 20 feet accuracy. Which is good enough for...
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    Roof Top Tent - Nothing New...

    Look up Dormobile. It's a Land Rover Series 88 or 109 (usually) converted into a camper. Pretty cool trucks.
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    New Mbryson tow pig...2010 F350 V10

    See when the guy can't win the argument he starts calling people names. There is a few groups of people that do that. You own a Ford, I'll tow you home when you break down...I'll be there for you. Because I'm a nice guy regardless.
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    New Mbryson tow pig...2010 F350 V10

    Oh so angry. LOL.
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    New Mbryson tow pig...2010 F350 V10

    DPF removed. Stored in the garage. LOL - your argument dead. Calculated fuel mileage matched my display, was only off 0.01 mpg. Saving loads more fuel while towing and driving. 8 MPG is abysmal. I'm running around on 35" tall tires, 3.56 gears. 6 speed auto. Only thing majorly different...
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    New Mbryson tow pig...2010 F350 V10

    My mileage in my cummins. And the computer is set to my tire circumference. I’d go broke if I got 8mpg. Those V10s do last forever.
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    Unclaimed Money

    Nothing for me. But I tend to keep track of money pretty good. LOL
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    Mobile Hot Spot

    I have Verizon and ATT. Verizon basically sucks. The hot spot on my phone is slow as hell. Even though it says its LTE when I try to use it. ATT doesn't slow down my hotspot. And it seems like I have much better coverage with ATT. I only use Verizon for my other business because of the...
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    General Tech Go Fast Campers

    I was like cool, then I saw $3499 for the roof top tent, and suddenly I didn't feel like glamping anymore. Pretty cool stuff, but damn.
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    Australian CB / Cellphone Antennas

    Australians now have 80 channels. So we really suck.
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    Australian CB / Cellphone Antennas

    Can we get those big fat antennas here in the states? They probably don't work here, but they look cooler than our stuff. Asking for a friend.......
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    Whole House Fan install

    I had this type of cooling in a townhouse in Wyoming. At night it would actually get cold in the place. We lived next to an irrigated field. It was very nice. Plus the sound of the loud as hell fan knocked me right out. I slept wonderfully.