“Old School” to continue as Delta Classic Rock Crawl

Big Rich

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Placerville, Ca.
Hello everyone,
Just wanted to let everyone know that the event formally known as Old School will be continuing on with a name change and a change in leadership...
As the new organizer of the event I would like to thank Craig Stump and his entire family for bringing this event to life years ago. It is an honor to be asked by Millard County to continue the tradition of this event.
Our goal is to keep the flavor of Old School going, while adding just a little more to the program. In addition to all the cool related events, we will be adding a “King of the Wisks” race and a Winch Challenge...(more info on these coming soon)
Expect to find the atmosphere welcoming and fun, as it has always been.
Thanks for your support,
Big Rich Klein
P.S. this event will continue to stand on its own, it is not part of any existing points series


Are you not entertained?!
So happy to hear that the Old School Rock Crawl will continue on as the Delta Classic Rock Crawl! Many thanks to Craig Stumph, his family and good friends for all the years of work organizing and hosting the OSRC and UROC events over the many years!

Let me know what I can do to help, Rich! I'll change the name for this forum to reflect the name change.