2018 EJS Potato Salad Hill Fundraiser & Cleanup


I stopped by Potato Salad Hill a few times during the week of EJS and picked up a bit of trash.... it wasn't bad, but enough trash was on the ground that it was obvious that people are still trashing PSH during Easter Jeep Safari....

While I was in Moab for EJS, I collected $50 from @RustEoldtrux for the Potato Salad Hill cleanup so we added that to the total.

We were still well below our goal, until we were given a HUGH boost from a very generous anonymous supporter that pushed us well over our goal, check it out! - https://www.rme4x4.com/pshcleanup/

We have ended the 2018 EJS Potato Salad Hill Cleanup Fundraiser with a total of $2,278.08!!

Thanks to all those that helped us meet and exceed our goal, these efforts do a lot for the 4WD community and go a LONG way towards helping the cause by making sure Potato Salad Hill is clean during Easter Jeep Safari. We had more donations this year compared to last and many large donations, everyone that donated should be proud for your effort!

We will send $2000 to the Grand County to pay for the bathrooms and dumpsters and the remaining $278.08 will go to the Red Rock 4Wheelers MUD Fund to help fight to keep trails open in the Moab area! :cool:
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