Trip Report 2022 Jared Memorial


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I wasn't here for the first day but the 2nd day was pretty epic. The Maze and Nasty Half for a couple folks.


My truck was actually difficult to see out of from the snowy drive down. Had to stop in Beaver for a quick dinner last night. Pretty cold and wet through there. Had to wash the truck in case someone had ducks.


Here's the crew as we topped out before heading to the Maze. I had an extra passenger so I ended up doing a fair amount of hiking


Pretty much the closest JT got to the Maze

Grandpa Jeep sighting. Always a fun day with Stan.


Always a little puckery going down this in my Jeep. Katelyn is just getting out of the driveway


This is an @Jamesk sighting. Good to have him


Here's my surprise. I paid this gal to come down and act as my wife for the weekend.


I have a familiar picture of my Jeep here. There's some cool video of Katelyn. Hope that gets posted soon. It's epic.


Hickster on the Maze

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Welp, if I wasn't bummed before I sure am now ha. I really tried to make this trip, but w/ work and what not it was a no go. Looks like a good crew and a good time. Keep the pictures coming!


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Day 1 was fun and exciting. Stan is leading a Relic Run on East rim and.wanted to pre run it. We met up with Evan @Subarudude54 myself and Stan with he cousin headed out to Sky ranch community where the trail starts.
We enjoyed a nice ride with beautiful scenery and even better people. Ended up finishing it at Flintstone house when weather hit us and it started doing the snow/hail thing. It was cold but everyone was prepared so we headed on back to the staging area. When we got there the weather was nice again so we decided on Milts mile.
Milts went great and the YJ climbed Middle Monkey for the second time and we did hard right turn and on the way to Hard left turn on a obstacles we discovered Stans front passenger wasn't turning (lockers failure). On the same obstacle Evans dana 30 Ring and pinion gave up the ghost. So we headed back and called it a day. 20221103_133923.jpg20221103_134541.jpg20221103_133308.jpg20221103_105806.jpg


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Haha the whole time I was like oh dang the winch must not go through the battery disconnect 😂

It’s amazing how sometimes tense situations just make us not think. Happens to everybody.