Article about long term camping in the forests around Denver


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Danger in the Forest- article from 5280 Magazine

I saw this somewhere else and thought it was an interesting read. Maybe it doesn't belong here in "Land Use" but thought I'd share the link.

As I read it I was thinking about an abandoned camp I found while doing some fishing up the cottonwoods a few summers ago and the homicide up by Red Butte a few months ago. The camp I found wasn't a huge mess like described in the article and I don't seem to recreate too much in the local canyons but can't imagine that things are as pristine as I probably assume they are. Especially with the homelessness issues we face in northern Utah.


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Wow. Interesting article. I know there have been many camps found and documented along the Davis County and SL County mountains and parks. It is certainly a growing problem since "Moving" the homeless seems to be the solution cities are using. I don't have the answers, but I can say I am very aware and vigilant when I have my family with me in the woods.

And not to get into politics too much, but I chuckle to myself when I read "Because cities like Denver, Colorado Springs, and Boulder have, within the past decade, outlawed public camping inside city limits, more and more people experiencing homelessness are moving to the mountains." These heavily Liberal cities think laws will solve their problems. I guess in a way, the problem has been solved for Boulder because the people simply moved "somewhere else" and the people of Boulder don't need to deal with it, so it is "solved" for them. Solved that is until they want to use public land not far away.

I am down for helping find a real solution to the problem, vs. moving people "somewhere" else.


I know some of these "Bums" have been moved out to a few campgrounds in Tooele.
My sister is out there somewhere, haven't seen in years. Sad part is we'll know nothing until she ends up on the news for identification.