Clutch disc rebuild and flywheel surfacing in SLC


I have a Chevy 11" clutch disc with a fj40 Clutch hub on our 76 fj40 and I need the clutch disc realigned

I'm located in Orem but last time I had it done was in SLC and I think they are gone bye bye.

So why the fj40 Hub on Chevy Clutch... I have a small block Chevy and chevy Bellhousing mate via and adapter plate to
a h42 fj40 4 speed trans and the transmission spline are slightly beveled from factory as oppose to straight cut splines on
many early Chevy 4 speeds. Using the Toyota hub you don't wear down the splines and have your disc hang up or chatter.

anyway.. many dont sweat it but we are rebuilding this 40 and want to get it right. Also need a new diaphragm clutch pressure plate and
resurface the flywheel so if you know a reliable place Id appreciate the info and any opinions appreciated.

thanks Berg