Dang rust.


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Hey friends. I just bought a third row for my yukon. When I started to install the bolts I ran into a HUGE rust issue with the nutserts or weldnuts whichever you want to call them. After about 2 hours of wd40 and starting the bolt and backing off then going a little further then backing off I was able to get 1 bolt in and only 13 more to go. I believe it was shear luck that I didn't break it. Not wanting to test my luck any further, you guys have any tips that'll help me??

Kevin B.

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Ok thanks. Guess I'll have to figure out the thread count and pitch for the tap right?
Home Depot/Lowes will have your tap. Take the bolt and match it up at the thread checker in the hardware aisle so you know which tap to buy.

Or you could buy a good tap and die set. It makes a lot of things easier, but a good set isn't cheap and you don't need a good tap to chase rusty threads...