Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled


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I've got a constantly moving goal post with bikes and my needs/wants change.

I started with a 2009 KTM 690 Enduro R which was a great giant dirtbike. That kinda sucked on road. Without the sag set too low and forks stiffened and steering stabilizer full stiff it wandered around on the road and it was too light so it got blown around.

Next I tried to buy a 1090 R but the guy backed out on the way to the bank. I was ticked off so I went and bought a different bike that same day.

2016 Ducati Scrambler Classic with 750 miles. Love it. Werkes USA pipe dropped 17+ lbs of catalytic converter/pipe and is moderately quiet.

Did a bunch of riding last year. Maybe 3.5k miles. Great bike at speed. 50mpg. I added a Givi skid plate, a Dart windscreen and Ducati side bags and tank bag.
My wife picked up her motorcycle endorsement the other day and asked what I'm going to ride now she has the Ducati.
I'm like ohhhh.

Well I tried to buy a Yamaha Tenere 700, but there aren't any for sale new. There's one used example but he's a price gouger and wants 12,999 for a bike that lists for $9500.
And even if I put down a $4k deposit the dealers say it could be 16 weeks. I'm not that patient.

I always want a little more offroad prowess
And there are only 4 of these for sale in a 4k mile radius.
So when I randomly saw this bike the other day in front of someones house, I knocked on the door and offered to buy it. He gave me a good deal I think.

2017 Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled

It's got the Ducati side bag mounts and other than that it's totally stock.
From my research Ducati has a little more mellow throttle tube cam they changed to in 2017. Plan is to swap the earlier throttle tube in the make it a little more snappy off idle and maybe an exhaust to free up a little HP.

I've got a new Pirelli scorpion rally rear tire to mount up. It's a non STR- a bit has a little larger tread block voids than the stock rear but still retains the abnormally high speed rating (for an ADV tire) and the triple compound tread for nice grip in the twisties.
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I really wanted to buy one of these last year after seeing a bunch of pictures and a few in the wild. The problem with being my size is that anything other than an Electra glide looks like a clown on a mini trike. I got my challenger instead I suppose but I've still got Ducati envy.


Ant Anstead of Dirtbikes
I've had a Seat Concepts seat on my 2009 KTM 690r. Compared to stock. It was very good. I put perhaps 5k miles on it. Dual sporting requires a lot of sitting stock scrambler seats are bad for that.

Yesterday I received my Seat Concepts seat for my Ducati Scrambler. It fits both my red Desert Sled and yellow Classic (standard Scrambler model). The kit for this bike consists of a replacement foam and cover that fits the stock pan $200. I was going to buy it from Seat Concepts themselves but when I called they were 8-12 weeks out. So I was able to find one second hand already mounted on a stock pan for $300 shipped (which I felt was a fair deal since shipping was like $80...)

I'll report on that after I ride it.

(Left to right: Classic seat, Seat Concepts seat, Desert Sled seat)


(Left to right: Classic, Seat Concepts, Desert Sled)


The Desert Sled seat is narrower and much flatter and doesn't have the huge indent in the bottom of the pan for the toolkit. (Which I believe causes discomfort) I've been able to do about 200 miles on it with a break in the middle with only minor discomfort.

The Seat Concepts seat is currently on a Standard seat pan but the foam is shaped much much better than the standard Classic seat. It's flatter in front so you don't slide into the tank and has a curve for your butt like a more traditional cruiser/ road bike.

The Classic seat has a "hump" in the bottom of the pan right were you sit for the toolkit and it's ok until right around 100 miles, then it's unbearable all of the sudden.


My plan is to cut out the "hump" in the Seat Concepts pan with a Dremel and rivet a flat piece of plastic over the hole.


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I added some low density 3/4" foam to the hole and covered it with a flat piece of plastic.
My feeling was without it the foam "bulged" out the hole I'd created and could cause discomfort.

I used some very short 1/2" screws to try first. If it works well I'll come back and rivet the piece in place.



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My saddlebags stay on the bike because I ride it more when it's useful. And it's useful when I can carry stuff.
The sun faded them from beautiful black to like 1988 burgundy car interior.
And they look like poo.
So I cleaned them and then fabric painted them. I've used Duplicolor fabric paint with great success in the past and I think it looks great! I'll probably hit them with another coat tomorrow.