Archived EJS Prep.... what are you working on?


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What do you need to do before EJS?

My CJ2a is getting a LockRite installed, making sure all the fluids are topped off, swapping the carb for a Motorcraft 2100 and hopefully some more reliability testing.

My JKU is getting a new winch rope and fairlead, need to toss the freezer/fridge in and that's about it. I plan to take both Jeeps during different times of the week, depending on what's going on.

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My TJ needs its annual oil change, and a quick once over with the suspension, other fluids topped off, adjust the height of my bump stops, check bearings and tire pressure on the trailer, and top off fluids in the tow vehicle. Just minor things.


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Installed a new long arm 3 link on the Comanche (Which caused a ton of other changes to have to happen.) and added a antirock bar. Reconfigured the front bump stops. Had to do new sliders since the others were beat and in the way of the new suspension. Do some fluid changes and a final clean up and once over and it should be ready!


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On the “Jeep” I have a couple things left.

-front driveline tube redo. It’s a pretzel
-get rear brakes working betterer
-any wiring cleanup I can get done in the interior will be a plus

-drop brackets installed
-front axle installed
-hydro clutch line installed
-rear spring perches welded on
-brake hoses front and rear
-“2” billiard ball shifter knob installed (that’s the blue one-my wife suggested that one :eek:-not sure what that means?)
-rear window instalked
-temp seat cover until I can get the seat done
-front and rear drivelines installed

-brakes need adjustment

8.1 Sub
-gas card modification
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Sye, rear brake line, wheel spacers, finish making rear steel fenders, install side armor, lengthen control arms and track Bar, finish spare tie down in cargo area, put tools in my new tool box, oil change, install cb, a million other things it feels like.


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I already did the annual oil change & lube job on the Wrangler, so it's mostly there. I even gave it a bath.

Sadly, the Suburban suddenly started acting up. I think it's the Chinese camshaft position sensor--which has given me problems since the day I installed it--becoming more of an issue. I plan to replace it pronto so I'll have a couple days to make sure that clears everything up. I hope.


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check fluids on both truck and jeep, put in connection for trailer lights on truck, swap tires on jeep and make sure the front tires don't hit the swaybar.


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Trying to finish up the paint on the Jeep. May or may not happen. Put back together, new front shocks, and tighten bolts.


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For the Jeep - New Battery, Fluid changes, tire rotation, Weld on new track bar bracket, mount new cargo basket over the rear seat, replace transmission solenoids and sensors in hopes she will shift :(
For the truck - New battery, change fluids, rotate tires and replace ac clutch.
And re-deck the damn trailer I stripped last week thinking I had time to do that project before we left :(

My wife always asks why I wait until the last minute and I always tell her I have always done it that way so it wouldn't feel like EJS and Spring if I wasn't under the gun :)


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I don't think the Willys is going to make EJS.... :( This really bums me out, I've been working on it quite a bit to get it ready. I swapped the Rochester 2 Jet carb for a Motorcraft 2100 and the gas pedal is very firm. Driving it is not fun, it's hard to push making accelerating like a switch.... off or on. Not ideal for rock crawling in a 70 yr old Jeep. I have tweaked everything, from a very light return spring, to cutting up my new accelerator and adding a few inches to give it more leverage.... the throttle blades move easy at the carb, something in the setup is just too tight. I still haven't installed the LockRite, since I've been fooling with the carb so much.

I may give it one last ditch effort on Wednesday, spend all day trying to get the carb working easier. I'd still like to install the locker, then try make the Flatty run on Friday... but it's not looking good. :ouch: