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First time Rubicon trip - tips and ideas please?

To add to what smfulle said, planning to do the trip the week between the two Jamborees is a good idea because the Jamboree group does everything to make the trail as passable as they can. It only took us a half day to get from Buck Island to Rubicon springs and that was with one roll over and one other lengthy breakdown. We had 6 rigs. A good place to camp is at Ellis Creek which is just past the Granite slabs. On a normal day without major break downs, you can leave your Ellis Creek camp in the morning, and make it to Buck Island for lunch. We spent a couple hours at the Soup Bowl so it was a late lunch for us. If you leave Buck Island in the early afternoon, you will make it to Rubicon Springs in time to relax, get cleaned up and something to eat. If you want to spend a lengthy time at Rubicon Springs, you may want to start the day closer than Ellis Creek.