Jeep How does my soft top mount?


But stuck more often.
Can’t figure out what I’m missing or doing wrong. Top of the windshield has a nice big rubber seal glued to it. I assume that is supposed to stay in place. I bought a windshield channel off KSL assuming all TJs used the same one. Maybe that’s not the case. My frameless soft top has no provision for mounting to the windshield. What am I missing?






But stuck more often.
I forgot to mention that I do have those clamps and hardware to mount the channel. It’s just that the channel seems too small when I put it over that big rubber seal on top of the windshield. Anyone know if there is a year brake for different channels? Maybe I got one for the wrong year? Maybe there is a specific one when your Jeep comes with a hardtop?


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They fit kinda weird. Not ideal. I don’t think the year matters. But I could be wrong. The hard top clips in the same way an oem style soft top does. It’s been a few years since I installed header last, but seems like the bolts were almost totally loose and it was hard to hold it square to the windshield. As you tighten them, it gets better.


But stuck more often.
Ok. I’ll try again.

What do I care really? This Jeep has turned into a commuter car for Livy to get to work at chick fil a. 🙄

She has to be the cool 16 year old with the top off. Yet she wants to keep the doors on. I don’t get it.