How to install PVC inserts for Hummer rims, the easy way.

Alright. This is a how-to that probably had its place 5 years ago, but some of us cheap bastards are still running H1's. And when you do, you'll want to ditch the stock runflats: the radial tires(12bolt rims) were all supposed to have rubber inserts, with the bias tires(8bolt rims) getting magnesium-ally, bolt-together deals.


This is what you're starting with: an insert, and a tire to put it into. I'm using PVC inserts from TrailWorthy Fab, they are rounded over, chamfered, and have a nice space for the valve stem to sit into and it ensures that air will get past the the insert. Available at :D


Take the tire, and smush it on top of the insert. The idea is to get the insert wedged in there; the next step does all the work.


This is most of the magic: Stuff the whole deal under your engine hoist. This is also the easy way to remove rubber runflats: chain them up and yank them out. :D


Pull the insert up until it kind of pops in there. At this point, you can put your foot inside the tire and kind of press the beads down over the insert a little more. It helps with the next step, just gets a little more work done while it's easy. When you're done, remove the hoist and chain.


If you've got a tire iron, that's best, but any suitably strong pipe/walking stick/crowbar will do. First, push the insert over inside the tire, it won't go all the way but it will lean over like you see in the pic. Next, I used a tire iron's "spoon" side, not the side with the hook, and pried the bead over the insert. The insert slides right down into the tire. The other side will be much easier to do but needs the same thing done. You're just about done.


Adjust the insert inside the tire with your heel, and that's it! Takes about 5 minutes per wheel. Super easy, very low stress. :D


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What I learned from this thread, Load tires, wheels and inserts into vehicle. Drive to Tacomas house and watch him use his mad engine hoist skills, load up and drive home. Its super easy and lower stress than doing it yourself :)