Kami's 2017 JKUR "Ophie"


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Sand Hollow
Owners Name & City- Ben and Kami, Washington Utah

Make, Model & Year of Vehicle- 2017 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon

Engine- 3.6L Pentastar, RIPP High Performance Coil Packs

Transmission-5 speed auto

Stock 4:1 Rubi

Axles- Stock D44 with 4.88 Auburn Gears

Suspension- Zone Off-Road 3", Synergy lower control arms, Teraflex tie rod/drag link

Wheels and Tires- 37x12.50r17 Maxxis RZR on 17x9 Fuel Mavericks

Winch- Smittybilt XRC 10k

Favorite Trails- Lately when family is in Town, Milt's Mile has been a fun one to cruise up solo just to give them a taste of wheeling. From leaving the house, I can be back in <45 minutes.

Other-Lots of bolt ons, some interesting, some useful:
All American Offroad Bumpers front/rear
DV8 Hood
Smittybuilt sliders/fenders
Rough Country inner fenders
Brass knuckle style grab handles all over
Undercarriage lights - fast and furious style (are these even legal?)

We've had the itch to get back into a rig. We had a Grand Cherokee that was comfy, but bland. We debated a Gladiator, but that fell well outside our budget. Our other criteria was that it had to be an interesting color, no more white/silver/black/gray cars for us. We ended up finding this one in Arkansas. I flew out there and drove it home, almost nonstop 22 hours driving.

The previous owner definitely built this for looks, not functionality. Some of his mods are tasteful, some a little over the top (paint match interior trim, colored speedo gauge...?).

This should be a fun rig for us. The to do list is fairly small: track down the death wobble (ha!), replace the captains chairs with a factory bench, sleeve the front axle housing, and RSE slider lowering steps. The girls struggle with ingress and egress, especially since they're usually holding some sort of books or toys.



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You get more bang for your buck with a truss kit rather than a sleeve kit. That's the way I would recommend going. Sleeves marginally increase the bending resistance since you're putting it inside the existing tube. The truss will increase the effective diameter of the tube and thus bend resistance too. Looks like a fun family rig!