Trip Report KOH 1st trip.


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Well Katelynn and I went to KOH for the first time from Thursday night the 2nd to Monday around 10am on an invite from Maxxis.

Day 1:

Friday Morning we woke up and headed to the Maxxis trailer and immediately we are greeted and they start taking pictures of Katelynn and the buggy and do a quick Interview.

We meet some of the Maxxis people and then toured hammertown with Rossy.

Later that day was a Jermey McGrath SXS tour that was suppose to be about 50 miles long. We started it but after about 6 miles of bumps we couldn't hang with the SXS so we turned around and visited with people in our camp, Rufus Racing which let us camp with them, also maxxis sponsored.

That evening was a Maxxis team Taco night which was delicious and then we hooked up with our friend Matt Black from We-rock and hit some trails. That night we started with Back Door then hit Chocolate Thunder with a medium crowd. We then hit Tack hammer and sledge hammer and got back to camp around 1100. What a great first day in Johnson Valley.

Day 2:

Woke up and hit the pits to watch the start of T1 qualifying. Then meet up with Matt again and ran Jack Hammer. Got back and watched some qualifying and then hooked up with Maxxis again and did a photo shoot the same time Jeremy was doing one. It was fun a and surreal.

We then came back and ate dinner and meet up with our friend Vic Burness that races a modified TJ in the Everyman Challenge. Then went back to camp and chilled at the camp fire when @ 1030 the camp decided to run wrecking ball. Got back around 2-3 and went to bed.

Day 3:
This was a planned run with Wrecked gear and Wheeling wine and Wiskey on Turkey Claw. It was crowded and slow but fun. After that we meet up with Vic to pre run Sledge Hammer. Got started and Vics PSC pulley was coming off. Good thing he was pre running.
The Wind was howling at this point so we went back to our camper and went to bed early.

Day 4:

We woke up, watched Short coarse qualifying, stopped by warn and they hooked us up with some sweat Shirts (one of our Sponsors). Packed up and headed home.

Take aways:

Johnson Valley is awesome and the trails are great and you can make them as challenging as you want. I wish we had more time to do more trails. Katelynn drove the entire time and I still had a blast.
Hammer town is crazy and the amount of people that come is insane and we were there on the not busy weekend. It is dusty but still worth it.
Katelynn and I are blessed. Maxxis treated us like we are special and we're kind and generous. Payed for our entry, and camping and made sure we had what we needed. Humbled as we are just a small father daughter team but they made us feel bigger than that. It was an incredible and surreal experience.

Can't wait to go back.


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Sounds like a great few days at the Hammers. Glad you got to run some of the trails. Love that area and looking forward to heading back there with something that will handle them. It seems to always blow hard a few days at KOH, and the dust is part of the experience.