My Car Hauler


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Logan, Utah
This is my car hauler trailer. I thought some might be interested.

A couple years ago I sold my 7x16 7k trailer and bought this 8.5x20 10k trailer with drive over fenders from Trailers Plus in Ogden. For the most part I really like the trailer, especially the extra width and length.

First I added a Fastway Flip foot to the tongue jack, this makes the factory jack tolerable to use. Next I added a tool box to the tongue and mounted a Warn M5000 winch using a Badlands universal winch plate and a custom frame inside the box. I also installed a marine battery box with a deep cycle battery to power the winch. I mounted the winch as high as I could inside the box, then I had to raise the box about 2" so the winch roller fairlead would clear the trailer deck.
IMG_0881.JPG winch 3.jpg

Finally, the trailer came with a spare, and I had an extra tire, so I fabbed up two spare tire mount using some Barnes 4wd tire mount plates and mounted them to the front of the trailer.

I still plan to add a permanently mounted Battery Tender inside the box with a 110V panel mount plug in the side of the box to make charging from shore power fast and easy. I also plan to add some weld on D-rings.
Logan, Utah
I'm going to run the winch entirely off the deep cycle battery, the tow rig won't charge it at all. I've talked to a couple people that run a similar setup, the battery has the power to pull a lot of vehicles on the trailer between charges. One gentleman used his trailer winch to load and unload over a dozen cars in a single weekend. His battery wasn't charged any during that time and the winch never slowed down. For as often as I'll use it it will be fine. The Battery Tender will just maintain the battery keeping it healthy and charged.