Playin in the Snow, in North Price Feb 16


Just loosing my mind
Well we had a great day playing in the snow in north price area. The original trail turned out to be worse than thought. GreatScott got the behemith stuck in 4-feet of snow, twice:eek:. But it was all fun anyway. We only had 4 rigs that turned out for the run and only 3 that could play (my stock XJ wasn't going to stand a chance). Everyone got stuck, including a couple of local guys that were stuck when we went by so we helped them get out as well. Great fun and only 1 broken part... :-\ The pictures can explain the fun more than I can... Enjoy.



That's a crazy pic, just a 4 door cab plowing thru the snow! :cool:


great scott

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Meat always has had great taste.
I do have a removable front clip and doors, but they seem to get in the way, ya know rocks and all. So they stay in the driveway more oft then not. I have not yet made a good flat bed but one day? The idea is to have a street legal(sort of) 4X4 that can haul the kids and still play hard. Just haven't got that far yet.
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great scott

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Thats some deep snow:cool: Scott's rig has 44's doesn't it?
Sure dose!
The road was plowed to the mouth of the canyon, but where the plow stopped the fun started. We went about 200 yards, stopped to check snow conditions and it didn't look to bad, I had sunk about 6" in the snow. Then I hit the gas.... My 44s broke through a 4" crust into 3 + ' of powder :eek:. That was the end of the foot hills and we headed for the lower valleys where we spent the rest of the day hooking up tow straps. What a blast!
Who's ready to go again :rofl::cool::D?