Pro Class or Trail Buggy Class

Craig S

Delta, Utah
The classes are shaping up this way. Open up a trail buggy class and remove the rear steer penalty from the unlimited class making it the Pro Unlimited class.

Pro Unlimited Class

Drivers of non-rear steer cars can use a rope. Rear steer cars cannot use a rope. No rear steer penalty points.

Trail Buggy Class

Tires - No restrictions
Steering - Front axle steering only, rear steer is not allowed.
Seating - Vehicles must have two (2) seats side by side.
Engine - Mass produced automobile/light-truck engine available to the public mounted forward of
the driver.
Suspension - Changes in wheelbase allowed from normal suspension movement only.
General Vehicle Requirements - General vehicle requirements apply.


Supporting Vendor!
Supporting Vendor
Lehi, UT
Is there still going to be a promod class?
Yes, Pro Mod wont change. This is saying that Unlimited will be a 'Pro' class, and "Trail Buggy" will be the guys that want to come have fun, and compete against other guys with trail buggies, rather than the pros with comp based cars. :thumbs:


Trail buggy class in Supercrawl is the catch-all for people that don't fit in the other classes basically. I assume Craig intends for it to be the same but don't know for sure.

My jeep is all stock except missing doors and a roof does anyone know more rules on the trail buggy class