Register military trailer in Utah

Anyone on here familiar with the process for registering a military trailer? I just picked one up off KSL, I don't think it's ever been registered here, and so far I haven't found any vin plate or anything like that one it. It's been through the wringer and the build plates aren't even on it anymore that I can find.

I know I'll need to register it due to weight (it's a M101, possibly an A1, so even without the pintl hitch and the original axle/wheels it probably still weighs over 750Lbs), but I'm not sure what the process is when it doesn't have a VIN. The Utah DMV site isn't very informative on this, and doing a search online doesn't turn up much else. I probably should get a bill of sale written up though with the seller, I think I might need that.

For the foreseeable future it's going to remain relatively original to how I bought it, but eventually I am going to probably scrap the tub (it's rusted through in several places and pretty mangled) and use the frame to build a nice overlanding/camping trailer.



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I wouldn’t register it either. I dragged my 16’ car hauler all over the west and never got hassled. I even got pulled over once by UHP for speeding, trooper didn’t say a word about the unlicensed Jeep and trailer behind me.


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My atv trailer weighs just under 700 pounds also. It is probably just shy of 1000lbs Never have registered my atv trailer. Never will register that trailer. No cop cares enough to question and make you unload a trailer.


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Single axle AND under (I thought 700lbs) doesn’t require registration.
Over the weight it does.
I have an enclosed single axle.. and the lady at the dmv told me single axles don’t need it, even if they weigh more. So I didn’t register it.. but she is wrong

If you do want to register it, you have to get a utah made vin #. It’s a pretty easy process. Fill out and application for Utah vin (requires police of dmv inspection of Trailer) get a vin plate from the dmv, attach it with rivits, get second inspection, apply for title.
I have two, neither is registered, I use them to haul crap to the dump. It only weighs 899 lbs. I'm pretty sure. No lights on it either. I should put those on though, I almost got rear ended on the freeway once. The usual Utard driving everyone see's a wreck, rubber necks and causes a traffic jam going 30 mph. Which almost kills everyone on the interstate. Anyway, I digress. Drive it like you stole it, if you get pulled over deny everything. LOL


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If you get pulled, tell them it weighs 700lbs. If he wants to fight you, hes gonna need to call out a set of scales and I seriously doubt anyone would do that for a non-commercial trailer.