Rivian R1T

Kevin B.

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I'd drive it, if I could afford it. I like the idea of electric in general, and the motor at each wheel makes for some wicked traction control if they're programmed right.

I quibble with the dash. I don't want all those screens to get dusty and scratched and break, and soft buttons suck when you're bouncing down a dirt road. Gimme knobs and dials please. I don't like the bed. Gimme more bed, 6.5 feet at least. And the range - 400 miles is great, but that's probably pavement range at a steady efficient speed. That'll go down when you hit dirt. I would want that to be vastly increased, or at least have the ability to carry auxiliary battery packs.


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I'd like it to look a little more rugged and the interior is too pretty. If you could generate enough power from a roof mounted solar panel to extend the range then it'd be something special.


But stuck more often.
At 61k that’s cheaper than most if not all loaded half ton trucks and I’d say 7 out of 10 new half tons never have a trailer hooked to them.
Not sure it's fair to compare today's loaded truck with the Rivian's base model.

2019 Chevy 1500 LTZ (Jerry Seiners most expensive 1500 listed): MSRP $57,470 and Listed at $51723
2019 Ram 1500 Limited 5'7 (Salt Lake Valley's most expensive 1500 listed): MSRP $65855 and listed at $55749
2019 Ford F150 Limited (LHM Super Ford's most expensive 150 listed): MSRP$73585 and listed at $67621
2018 GMC 1500 Denali Ultimate (Salt Lake GMC's most expensive, price shown): MSRP $65690 and listed at $54848

Kind of makes you wonder what you could turn one of these trucks into if you added $30-40k to the price to make it valued equivalent to the Rivian's loaded model at $90k, which is a guess right now anyways. Or maybe just use that $30-40k to spend on fuel: $3.00 per gallon at 17 MPG. That's 170000-226000 "free miles". "Charging" stations are everywhere and only takes a minute or two.


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I worked for about 5 years for a startup here in UT called VIA Motors and was heavily involved with all of their early design, fabrication, and validation of their hybrid trucks and vans. We even built a prototype lifted off road version called the X-Truck. Their vehicles work on the same premise as the Chevy Volt, or a train locomotive, in that they are completely electrically driven but utilize the vehicles original engine (although now coupled to a generator instead of a trans) to provide extended range when the battery runs down. We claimed 350 miles range, and roughly 400hp/415Nm of torque. They were impressively powered to drive, but I think the coolest feature is their export power panel. This panel has two 240V plugs (splittable to 110V) and provides 14.4kW @60A all day. They are also working on a panel that provides 50kW.

There's a long way to go before I'm willing to trade in my gas engine, but the possibilities are pretty cool.