Stolen Land Cruiser - HZJ79 in Las Vegas


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Sandy, Ut
Stolen Cruiser Alert! Please see the following information just forwarded from the victim. Let's get this spread around in hopes their Cruiser can be safely returned.

"We are a family from Germany on a world tour. On about August 18, 2014 our camper was stolen from Las Vegas storage facility. We have been on a world tour of 50 countries and five continents including Russia, Mongolia, Beijing and Australia. Our last trip started in Uruguay on the Panamerica Highway to Alaska. The camper was in storage for several weeks and upon return to finish our trip we noticed the camper was stolen. We now return home in hoping the camper will be returned.

The camper is a green Toyota Land Cruiser model HZJ79 Pick up with a white camper shell. On the side of the camper are flags of all visited countries. The spare wheel is mounted on the front. "Ultima Esperanza“ is on the front and the back of the camper. The license plates are German
FG DE 47. We hope to find our camper with the support of the people here in America. If you see the camper please contact the Las Vegas Metro Police department 702-828-3586, Report Number 140820-1355

Thank you for you assistance"



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So Jo, Ut
What a great vehicle. Hope it gets found.


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SaSa Sandy
What a bummer, should be easy to spot.

Go team USA.... goes through all those countries and gets stolen here..... I hate dirt bags

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Idaho Falls, ID
How does a family go on a world tour? Save up for it? Sponsors?

Anyway I sure hope they find it!