The 2017 OSRC Staff!!

Craig S

Delta, Utah
Dear Judges and Officials,

Thank you for your dedicated service at the rock crawl. The Judges work hard and without them the event could not go on! Rock crawling has been in decline for the past 10 years. OSRC with your help has helped the sport make a comeback over the last nine years. Thanks so much for your help this year!

Craig Stumph

2016 OSRC Officials
Course 1. Bob Adams and Ron Westlund
Course 2. Eldin Ellis and Brian Tetrick
Course 3. Jake Stumph and Josh Springer
Course 4. Dan and Brooke Cressal
Course 5. Blake North, Stephany Mckee, and Ski Mckee
Course 6. Rick Whiteside and Jeff Christensen
Course 7. Ian Morris and Ian Wilson
Course 8. Steve Edmunds and Ron Jensen
Alternates: Troy Tasker and Josh Springer

Event Marshals
1.Brian Cannon
2.Mike Stumph
3.Craig Stumph
4. Marc Bryson

Tech Inspectors
1. Brian Cannon
2. Marc Bryson
3. Wayne Dailey

Rock X Flaggers
1. Johnathan Lovell
2. Anthony Anderson
3. Colton Cook
4. Blake North
5. Mike Stumph
6. Brian Cannon
7. Brian Tetrick
8. Brad Young

1. Matt Westrich
2. Brent Blake

1. Lisa Stumph
2. Valery North
3. Sherrie Daily
4. Laura Kersy

Lawn Mower Tech and Marshals
1. Bob Adams
2. Bob Adams (course design)

Spotter Challenge
1. Greg Mulkey