The "Back in my day" thread.


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Let's hear your best "back in my day" stories!

I'll start.
Back in my day... parts stores had common parts in FRONT of the counter. Rad caps, ignition coils, plug wires, some rad hoses, spark plugs and plug wires. You could also get a wide assortment of stylish Grant steering wheels off the shelf.

Also back in my day, nobody wore helmets while riding bikes, seatbelts were VERY optional, and kids were excited about getting a job at a grocery store or fast food joint.


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The cool Dad's would let as many kids as wanted to or would fit hold on. My Dad liked to try and whip us all off going around corners and he was pretty good at putting one or more of us into a drift or plow pile.

Absolutely. Nobody ever got hurt, either. You always wanted to grab onto a big RWD V8 car or truck, and turn your nose up at those sissy FWD cars.