The Vagillionaire one ton WJ!!!


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The one ton WJ is for sale

Black Leather interior
90k miles
4.7 V8
14 bolt rear with 5.13 gears and grizzly locker
Dana 60 front with 5.13 gears and spartan locker and 35 spline stubs with yukon drive flanges
Triangulated 4 link rear
Radius arm front
All links are made from 2" .25 wall using 1.25 teraflex flex joints and clevite bushings.
231 T case with SYE and 2 lo kit
Brand new Adams driveshafts front and rear
Raceline monster bead locks with 37 inch maxxis trepadors
The steering is all mounted in triple shear on the knuckle
The entire unibody is plated and then the lower links are mounted on the beefiest subframe ever. No worries about hurting this unibody
Wheelbase stretched to 110"

This thing is over built in every way imaginable. Super beefy and built to wheel, there are some cosmetic issues but nothing that bothered me. This thing runs down the free way at 75 just fine. Dont let the 4.7 scare you its a great motor and has plenty of get up when you need it

Work is giving me a 4 door JK so I have no need to keep this. It's by far my favorite family wheeling rig I have owned, I like this way more than our last 4 door JK.

Let's start the bidding at 12k but open to offers, lets make a deal. I am willing to add or take parts off to make a deal happen.


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I'm going to see what I can come up with my zj is beat and tired and I really need this! Time to sell some stock and see what I can borrow from the 401! text me so I can get your number so we can work something out 801-657-1938


But stuck more often.
Kind of like this?

"The dude dumped like a vagillion bucks into this thing last week and now it's for sale".


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Kind of like this?

"The dude dumped like a vagillion bucks into this thing last week and now it's for sale".

That's a lot of dollars.... I wish I had that kind.of money to spend on a rig and then just sell it.... That would be the life.