Archived Trail report... the pickle and 3d...


too poor to wheel... :(
Layton, Utah
This was my first time running the pickle... we had 27 vehicles on the run.. two buggies, a cj8, a suzuki and tons of jk and two LJ! It was going great until the first obstacle which I believe is the waterfall... when we got there 5 JKs was already there... 3 of them were stock with no lockers or anything. Somehow they all seem to get up and go just fine.

Our turn... the trail leaders was having people line up and try to go from east to west on the falls. He almost rolled 3 of the vehicles of which we had to strap them and pull them up before they rolled. at that point someone else took over spotting duties an it was going a bit easier. With most taking a couple of tries to get up the falls. Just as I am about to make my first attempt the trail leader announces that we should make this a lunch spot and everyone turned and started walking away... Guess who walked right up with out any troubles while everyone had their backs to me? lol

All the other obstacles went more smoothly and once we had exited the pickle and started the 3d part the suzuki busted his rear driveshaft... he had 3 linked the rear (don't ask me why just 3 links) but when the driveshaft broke it took out the top link... the axle rotated straight down... instead of having a few stay and fix it the trail leader had the whole group stop and sit.... so 3pm came 4pm came... people are starting to ask if there is another route out and leader said no... he wanted us all to experience the the hill with the deep shelves...

Needless to say we got back to town around 7:45pm... not kewl.

Total carnage:
broken driveshaft and top link
a few of the JK rear axles extented past the point that their boots where willing to go and the boots all ripped...
one guy with no idea how to drive hit the wall coming up out of the last squeeze and dented his rear quarter panel.