We could really use your guys' help.... (Hanging Tree trail)

Greg and all, things have gone totally weird on my boss's ranch. Noooooo, I'm not getting married. Not THAT kind of weird! Instead, since I moved off the ranch in December, livestock have been getting slaughtered by persons unknown.

The property this is happening on is the XL Canyon parcels, and the county road that goes to the Hanging Tree Trail goes right through the middle of it. Guys, if you know of or hear ANYTHING that can help bust the scum responsible, please, get that info to the sheriff! My boss will certainly be grateful for any help in getting this case solved!

That's horrible. I was planning on running the trail for my first time this coming Saturday. Anything we can do to assist?
Toad, I hope he doesn't. He'll go to prison. I'd rather the sheriff deal with them. I greatly appreciate the input so far. Homet, I wish there was.