96 zj rebuild problems

New here to RME4x4. hoping someone can give me a direction to go....

i recently rebuilt a 4.0 for my 96 zj after trial and error i got the thing started runs awesome smooth and quiet. did engine break in. Was having a hard time idling so i cleaned the IAC valve ran a little better but still wanted to stall when i shifted into drive or reverse. next i changed the TPS and thought it was fixed it was idling better and wasn't dying when shifting into gear.. until the other day i have got about 30 miles on it and it all of the sudden not wanting to idle at all. died about a mile from my house and had to get pulled home. couldn't get it to start again. if i floor the throttle and then feather the throttle it'll start but no idle what so ever. if i get the RPM down to 800 or so it'll just die. i can't figure out what is going on. checked fuel pressure its about 47-49 psi while running. no check engine light nothing saying there is a problem.

i'm about to throw my hands in the air and give up on it. any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated.