Bilsteins on an F150


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I have a friend putting them on his dodge right now too. No tips or tricks from me, just uselessness.


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yes, the coil perch is on the body of the shock itself, er, which means its a coilover and not separately mounted. You have to disassemble to re-use the coil.


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I've done it twice on my 150. The first time I wrestled with my spring compressors. The second time I dropped the entire lower control arm of. Mucho easier and less chance of killing yourself.


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I couldn't tell you if there are any videos around, I really didn't look. It's pretty simple though. One piece of advise, knock your tie rod off before dropping the control arm. They're kind of a pain to remove with the arm loose (don't ask how I know). And if you've ever thought of leveling it, now's the time since you'll need an alignment anyway.