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Rusty Girdle
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When you're an Extreme Overlander (Truckdriver) you must make special considerations for meals. Here is a great tool for all mobile adventurers, as long as you have a 12 volt receptacle in your adventuring vehicle.

Get yourself a 12 volt oven, or a Trucker's Oven. They are around $30 and can be found at your favorite online retailer. Truck stops carry them too, but eww... gross.

Then get yourself some Michelina's frozen dinners. These are found at every grocery store and they cost $1. These dinners fit perfectly in these ovens.
Peel back a corner for air flow and place the container in the oven. It will be suspended between the top and bottom halves of the oven.
Close the lid and plug it in. Dinner is served when you can smell the yummy hot food. Typically about 20-30 minutes.


Rusty Girdle
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These ovens heat up to about 300 degrees and can be used to cook all kinds of stuff. You can buy foil liners at the grocery store the fit them perfectly, which is nice for cooking eggs and other potentially messy meals.

I've had this particular oven for about 1.2 million miles. Seriously.


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Never seen one of those. Pretty nifty!

I'll piggy back on with another simply non extreme car camping cuisine tip. Always keep at least 3 inches between your dead coyotes and your cook surface to avoid cross contamination.

Coyote hunters don't have time to be too fussy.



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When I was traveling a ton I would do meal prep in the mini bead pans and just drop them in while I drove to meetings or different locations. It saved tons of money, ate healthier and was super convenient.

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