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Gravy's Prerunner build


Currently without Jeep
So Jo, Ut
I text him.. didn't get much more either..


Edd China of Dirtbikes
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He posted on Facebook looking for somebody to plasti dip it. I sense an epic project in the works.

Because every one of my epic projects starts with turning to Facebook for a plastidipping expert.
I thought your epic projects ended with you selling them before they're done? :rofl:
Only joking.


Edd China of Dirtbikes
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I dig the bed-liner on the lights. Nice touch.
It's just paint, but yeahhhhhh. I've got new headlights and taillights due to arrive by Friday.


Andy (Busted Jeep) hooked me up with another ProComp streetlock that matches the set with a 33" that actually is the same pattern as the fronts. (The 2 spares are currently older BFG KM1s).